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Metro Youth Football League

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About Us
About Us

The Metro Youth Football League is located in Omaha, Nebraska.  MYFL is a coalition of non-profit football organizations and football clubs committed to the advancement of youth through competitive sports. Each partner organization represents a football community aligned with, and in support of, their area high schools. Each participating feeder organization develops a coordinated age and grade based track to prepare players to compete and be ready to play at the high school level once they reach 9th grade.  This consistent, progressive, and modern approach of player development is used by the most successful high school football feeder programs in Texas, Florida, and across the USA.  

Our league offers players and teams the best chance of competing at the highest level in the Greater Omaha Metro area. Teams are encouraged to compliment the school football programs in order to best prepare players, and to gain the experience needed to succeed at the next level of play. Through coordination with area high schools,  MYFL games take place on some of the best high school fields with the best certified referee crews.

REGISTRATIONS:  Please contact the organization of the school that your child will be attending in high school.  Each respective organization handles their own registrations.  See the Member Organizations Tab for more information.

** Disclaimer:  Parents of players, coaches or anyone other than the Organization Leader need to contact their respective organization if they have any concerns.  MYFL will NOT answer parent emails directly.  If you have a concern, please submit the Tell Us How We Are Doing form and MYFL Board will review your concern.

2024 Administration Panel:
Commissioner: Walt Lahs
Treasurer: Gary Rothermund
Secretary: Nikki Howell 
Director: Nick Push
Director: Joe Alcarez
Director: Shawn Ekker

For more information, Contact:
[email protected]


The MYFL was founded in 2012, at that time there were several different leagues in the metro area, but with declining football participation numbers many organizations struggled to produce consistent and safe team numbers year in and year out. Each league did offer different benefits but lacked in other areas, there was no best league in regards to structure, competition, and administration. After several meetings between some major players it was confirmed that the need for a new BEST league was imperative. During the initial development of the league structure it was noticed that the most successful well run organizations were of the FEEDER type attached to local High Schools. This feeder mentality of attaching youth football programs to high schools would become the focus and direction of the new league. It was emulated from other feeder structured systems in Florida, Texas, and California that had been around for decades, but never attempted in the Omaha Metro area. 

In 2012, the MYFL went to work with 7 founding organizations totaling 47 Feeder teams. Many skeptics downplayed the development of this great league and its potential. Those founding organizations knew a drastic change to youth football in the area was on the horizon. 

In 2013, the MYFL started its growth of adding specific organizations attached to High Schools. 3 feeder organizations were added totaling 53 teams. 

In 2014, the MYFL really set itself apart as the league to be in,  4 more feeder organizations were added to the league including 3 high schools from Council Bluffs, totaling 68 total teams. At this point MYFL became the largest youth football league in the Omaha metro area. 

In 2015, the MYFL looked to shore up its expansion of a few missing local high school feeder organizations, adding 4 more organizations and overtaking the entire metro area. The leagues now 18 feeder organizations represented 21 local high schools, totaling 86 teams making it the largest league in Nebraska and Iowa. 

In 2016, the MYFL has fine tuned its expansion and focused on organic growth from within the current member organizations. The league is forecasting over 100 feeder teams this fall from the 22 high schools represented.  

In 2020, the MYFL was able to play the season safely during the Pandemic.  The league has grown to over 130 feeder teams this fall and would have been more if not such a unique year.   There are 23 high schools represented.

In 2023, the MYFL transitioned to Metro & Legacy Divisions allowing the League to grow with more opportunities for the advanced players to compete against more challenging competition, while building a better coaching environment for new or inexperienced players and coaches.  There are 24 high school represented with 134 feeder teams this Fall made up of approximately 3,100 youth football players. 

Beginning 2024, has MYFL representing 24 Organizations and 30 high schools represented.  We are happy with the growth and look forward to a Great Season!    

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Metro Youth Football League

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Metro Youth Football League

 Please Use the Tell Us About It Site Link